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Family Cerianthidae

Pachycerianthus maua

(Carlgren, 1900)

Tube Dwelling Anemone

Not Reef Tank Suitable

Not Suitable for Fish-Only Tank

Range: Indian Ocean: Red Sea

Natural Environment: Found in small groups in shallow sandy coastal areas at depths of about 15 - 100 feet (5 - 30 m) where it mainly feeds on zooplankton.

Aquarium Suitability: A nocturnal species (lacks zooxanthellae) and usually extends from its tube during nighttime hours to feed on zooplankton, which is more readily available during this timeframe.

Can reach about 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter, with its with its tentacles reaching out another 12 inches (30 cm).

Have a poor survival rate in captivity and best left in the wild.


    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Cnidaria

    Class: Anthozoa

    Order: Spirularia

    Family: Cerianthidae

    Genus: Pachycerianthus

FYI: Has a temperature range of 72 to 83°F (22 - 28°C).

Best suited for a special, possibly a single species environment that meets its own needs.

 Pachycerianthus maua (Tube Dwelling Anemone)
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