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Species Name: Cladiella australis

Authority: (Macfadyen, 1936)

Common Name: Colt Coral

Range: Indo-Pacific Ocean

Natural Environment: Inhabits current swept reef areas

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 72 to 81°F (22 - 27°C). Require moderate to bright lighting, moderate water movement, and will somewhat tolerate hair algae. Needs sufficient space between its neighbors, and can be stung by mushroom coral, however, it can sting gorgonians. Iodine additives are recommended. Quite slimy and feels very slippery. Once established, they grow quickly and can get quite large. Can be propagated by branch cuttings. A good coral for beginners.

Be aware there is a white nudibranch, probably Tritonopsilla alba, sometimes associated with this species. They feed on the coral mostly at night and often leave powdery deposits at the coral’s base. Sometimes these deposits are so excessive the coral separates from its base. Viewing your aquariums at night, now with the aid of 'moonlights’ is a good way to view for nighttime predators. Remove these frilly looking nudibranchs with tweezers when seen.

Colt Coral (Cladiella australis) Photo Credit:Bob Goemans

Photo Credit: Bob Goemans

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