By Bob Goemans
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 Cymbacephalus beauforti (Crocodile Fish)

Cymbacephalus beauforti
(Knapp, 1973)

Crocodile Fish

Not Reef Tank Suitable

Not Suitable for Fish-Only Tank


These fishes belong in the Order Scorpaeniformes and Suborder Platycephaloidei as members of the Family Platycephalidae (Flatheads) consisting of 19 genera, with 60+ species. They lack a swim bladder, and bury themselves during the day and emerge to feed at night. Often called crocodilefishes, only a few enter the aquarium market.

For in-depth information concerning these interesting fishes, checkout Reef Fishes Volume 1 by Scott Michael (ISBN #1-890087-21-1). You can see a review of this exquisite book by visiting my Product & Book Review page.




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