By Bob Goemans
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Partner (anemone, urchin, gorgonian) Shrimp

 Hamodactylus noumeae (Gorgonian Shrimp)

Hamodactylus noumeae
Bruce, 1970

Gorgonian Shrimp


Many of the shrimps seen in this grouping live in symbiosis with other sea creatures, e.g., anemones, mushroom corals, Fungia, Goniopora, Catalaphyllia, mangrove jellyfish Cassiopeia to name just a few. For that reason, I've used the term 'Partner' to group them under this heading. Most described below are found in the Subfamily Pontoniinae, however, Leander plumosus is in the family Palaemonidae, Urocaridella antonbrunii is in the Subfamily Palaemoninae and Miropandalus hardingi is in the Superfamily Pandaloidea, Family Pandalidae. A few are collected for the trade; some simply arrive as hitchhikers on some form of coral or other creatures. Most shown here are for identification only.

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