By Bob Goemans
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Partner (anemone, urchin, gorgonian) Shrimp

 Tozeuma armata (Saw-blade Shrimp)

Tozeuma armata
Paulson, 1875

Saw-blade Shrimp

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Not Suitable for Fish-Only Tank


Many of the shrimps seen in this grouping live in symbiosis with other sea creatures, e.g., anemones, mushroom corals, Fungia, Goniopora, Catalaphyllia, mangrove jellyfish Cassiopeia to name just a few. For that reason, I've used the term 'Partner' to group them under this heading.

Few are collected for the trade; however some simply arrive as hitchhikers on some form of coral or other creatures. Most shown here are for identification only.

Almost all would not be safe in a fish-only aquarium as they need to live with their host, which provides them the food they need to remain healthy, and besides, would be in danger of being eaten by fishes if not having the host to hide in, or even when leaving the host to find a secure hiding place to molt!

Most described below are found in the Family Palaemonidae.

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