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Saltcorner is a website that is dedicated to the hobby of marine aquarium keeping and is the creation of aquarium author Bob Goemans, who has written a column of the same name for many years.

Whether you're looking for information about animals and plants/algae; for informative articles by noted aquarium authors; for product or book reviews; for photo galleries of impressive home aquariums; for information about Bob's books; or troubleshooting/advice correspondence on a wide range of topics, there's a lot of information here. And it's all free to you thanks to the generous support of our website sponsors who keep the website's lights turned on.

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Article Spotlight

Aquarium History

By Rob Toonen

There can be little doubt that the keeping of saltwater tanks has changed considerably over the past 30 years. The development of techniques and technology to aid in maintaining sufficiently high water quality, moving water in aquaria to provide acceptable circulation, and providing adequate light for photosynthetic corals has fundamentally changed the way that hobbyists today think about keeping marine organisms. The release of an issue of TFH dedicated to looking back on some of the multitude of changes that we’ve seen in the hobby for keeping certain groups of animals in captivity more.

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NEW!Book Spotlight:

The 'Living' Marine Aquarium Manual

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Review Spotlight

Book Review of The Responsible Marine Aquarist

By Dr. Elizabeth Wood & Nick Dakin

TITLE: The Responsible Marine Aquarist AUTHOR: Dr. Elizabeth Wood & Nick Dakin PUBLISHER: Marine Conservation Society (2003). ISBN 0-948150-36-X PAGES: 154 PRICE: 24.95 US/£14.50 U.K. (Softcover) There are many books available for marine hobbyists describing husbandry parameters for the wide range of animals maintained in closed systems. And most of these books are filled with hundreds of high quality photographs. However, practically none of these books adequately address or even mention the procedures involved in capturing or transporting these animals. Nor do they give much space more.

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Q&A Letter Spotlight

John Gibbin writes to Bob about: Gobies & Pistol Shrimps

Hello Bob, I have one Alpheus immaculatus, as well as several other Pistol Shrimps (8 in total = 5x Alpheus bellulus and 3 x Alpheus randalli) along with several Shrimp Gobies (6 in total = 2x Cryptocentrus cinctus, 2x Stonogobiops nematodes and 2x Stonogobiops yasha). There is also 3 Pearly/Yellow headed Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons). All of the shrimps and gobies have paired in different combinations, excepting the Alpheus immaculatus, which has remained solitary at all times. The area this shrimp lives in is the only area in my tank where the Gobies have not made any attempt to more.

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