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Saltcorner is a website that is dedicated to the hobby of marine aquarium keeping and is the creation of aquarium author Bob Goemans, who has written a column of the same name for many years.

Whether you're looking for information about animals and plants/algae; for informative articles by noted aquarium authors; for product or book reviews; for photo galleries of impressive home aquariums; for information about Bob's books; or troubleshooting/advice correspondence on a wide range of topics, there's a lot of information here. And it's all free to you thanks to the generous support of our website sponsors who keep the website's lights turned on.

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Article Spotlight


By James Gasta

Too often reef aquarists concentrate on providing ideal water chemistry that mimics that found on the reefs and less thought is given toward providing the ideal lighting spectrum for their corals. Water chemistry on the reef is very stable as is the light spectrum that falls on the reefs. The light spectrum will be the same whether you are 20 feet deep on Fiji's reefs or 20 feet deep on Hawaii's reefs. Duplicating the light spectrum is just as important as duplicating the water chemistry if we want our corals to grow and flourish. To accomplish this, Orphek engineers have worked for more.

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The 'Living' Marine Aquarium Manual

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Photo Gallery Spotlight

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Review Spotlight

Book Review of Ultimate Marine Aquariums, Saltwater Dream Systems And How They Are Created

By Michael S. Paletta

TITLE: Ultimate Marine Aquariums, Saltwater Dream Systems And How They Are Created AUTHOR: Michael S. Paletta PUBLISHER: T.F.H. Publications/Microcosm (2003) ISBN 1-890087-74-2 PAGES: 192 PRICE: $39.95 (Hardcover) Do you want something quite different for your library shelf? Would you be interested in seeing color photos of many very successful marine aquariums? Would you like their related and detailed parameters such as size, system setup procedures, circulation, controlling devices, filtration, lighting, chemistry, livestock, feeding, and other related information? Of course you more.

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Q&A Letter Spotlight

Grover Cannon (Eugene, OR) writes to Bob about: Auxilary Plenum

Hello my friend, You don't know me, but I tell my friends you are my mentor. I have read your columns since their conception in Marine Fish Monthly, which goes back over fifteen years, and now follow them in FAMA. And I thought you should have this feedback. I have a 55 gallon plenum that has been on going for 5 (maybe 6) years now. It has been marvelous in performance. Algae is almost non existent, nitrates are, always have been, unmeasurable since it cycled. I also have a 75 gallon Berlin system that is 12 years old that is now coming down for replacement with a 180 gallon tank. more.

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