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Saltcorner is a website that is dedicated to the hobby of marine aquarium keeping and is the creation of aquarium author Bob Goemans, who has written a column of the same name for many years.

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Article Spotlight

Q&A - Feather Star

By Rob Toonen

Rob I've been in this hobby on and off for 15 years and hardcore for about 5 now, but this is a new one to me – my local fish store got 3 feather stars in last night. They are very beautiful and interesting creatures, but I didn't want to spend $80 on something I knew nothing about. What are their requirements, are they reef safe, etc. etc.? Thanks, Fox Fox, Feather stars are members of the Order Comatulida, and together with the Sea Lilies (Order Isocrinida) form the Class Crinoidea in the Phylum Echinodermata (sea stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers are the most more.

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NEW!Book Spotlight:

The 'Living' Marine Aquarium Manual

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Photo Gallery Spotlight

See more in Josh Worth's "29g Reef" gallery.
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Review Spotlight

Product Review of Red Sea Max 130D

Manufactured by Red Sea

After looking at several different brands for a new mini-reef system in my office, decided to try the ‘new’ RSM 130D, as I liked its completeness, - ‘rear’ located vertical sump containing two return flow water pumps, protein skimmer, heater, attachment for connecting a chiller or canister filter, and its hood containing four LED moonlights, two 55W T5 PC’s, and a built-in light controller. The whole system seemed to fit my needs very nicely! Unpacking When the RSM ‘aquarium only’ arrived, its necessary to remove some protective foam covering from its box, then lift its more.

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Q&A Letter Spotlight

MP (California) writes to Bob about: Aquarium Supplements & pH

Hi Bob, I have a difficult time raising my reef tank's pH level above 8.0. This is a 2-yr old system consisting of a 120 g reef, 40 g seahorse, and a 30 g sump interconnected. The skimmer was removed a year ago when it stopped producing, and I change some water every 4 to 6 months. Except for about 400 lb of rock, including in dark areas of sump and overflows, there is no other filtration, just heater, chiller, calcium reactor, and carbon. There is no detectable ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. Calcium at 350-400 ppm, and alk at 12 dkh. The oxygen level is normal. The system is healthy with more.

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