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Saltcorner is a website that is dedicated to the hobby of marine aquarium keeping and is the creation of aquarium author Bob Goemans, who has written a column of the same name for many years.

Whether you're looking for information about animals and plants/algae; for informative articles by noted aquarium authors; for product or book reviews; for photo galleries of impressive home aquariums; for information about Bob's books; or troubleshooting/advice correspondence on a wide range of topics, there's a lot of information here. And it's all free to you thanks to the generous support of our website sponsors who keep the website's lights turned on.

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Q&A Letter Spotlight

Adrian Keene (Australia) writes to Bob about:
Aquarium Supplements

Dear Bob, Thanks for your last letter. After a major rethink and some substantial research, I've finally figured out what corals, fish, equipment and decor I'm using. For corals I'm sticking with large polyped stony corals; the list is as follows: a large group of different colored mushroom anemones, a group of yellow polyps, a torch coral or candy cane coral, a Pineapple or true brain coral, a tooth coral, a bubble coral and an anchor coral. I understand that all these corals have similar requirements. I'm also having a small group of Asterea snails, and later on four blue legged hermit more.

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Review Spotlight

Product Review of MoonBeam

Manufactured by BrightLights Technologies LLC and Clarity Plus Inc.

Product Review – MoonBeam (Written in 2000 - product no longer available) Have you ever pictured in your mind swimming through a moonlit lagoon? Unfortunately many aquarists have not been fortunate enough to experience such an exhilarating experience. Nevertheless, I'm one of those that have been lucky enough to see shimmering moonlight on the underwater reefs and have always wanted to duplicate that vision of intense glitter lines in my reef aquariums. But that has not been possible until now as the intensity, and sometimes the spectrum of available lamps has been somewhat more.

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