By Bob Goemans
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Maggie Muffler - Overflow Standpipe Silencer!

Manufactured by: Ocean-VU

A product review by Bob Goemans

This short product review was written to alert hobbyists there is a new, quite simple and inexpensive product that will silence those noisy standpipe overflows once and for all!


There’s no doubt the noise from water flows entering aquarium standpipes has been an annoying noise problem for decades! It has led aquarists to take various steps to try and silence these noisemakers, often involving the investment of considerable cost or time to assemble and install. And then not always succeeding!

Now, late 2010, the Maggie Muffler has just come upon the market and is silencing those noisy overflow standpipes and doing so quite easily and efficiently, and at very low cost! Best of all, it requires no cutting or gluing and can be installed within a few seconds! And it can easily be removed should cleaning ever be required. Therefore, if you have a noisy water overflow, highly recommend visiting and checking out this innovative product!

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