By Bob Goemans
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The Reef Tank Owners Manual

Authored by: John H. Tullock

A book review by Bob Goemans

TITLE: The Reef Tank Owners Manual

AUTHOR: John H. Tullock

PUBLISHER: Coralife Publication

ISBN 0-9640147-1-8

PAGES: 268

PRICE: $29.95

This is the 3rd Edition of "The Reef Tank Owners Manual." It is also the best by far and a welcome addition to the growing body of literature about reef aquariums. John shares his many years of experience in a easy to understand format that makes successful reef keeping a joy.

To begin, the book starts out with a very brief "Foreword" written by Julian Sprung. The following "Introduction" describes marine aquarium styles, including the Algal Turf Scrubber, Berlin System, and the Jaubert living sand system. Chapter 1 is titled "The Reef Environment," and includes sections on geographic location, water depth, and species tanks. Chapter 2, "Coelenterates" is dedicated to various anemones, stony and soft corals. Chapter 3 "Crustaceans" is limited to those Decapods of interest, i.e., crabs, lobsters and shrimps, which most hobbyists usually come across in their local aquarium stores. Chapter 4 "Other Invertebrate Groups" is also quite limited and in the same sense as the preceding chapter, is limited to those sponges, worms, starfish, urchins, and clams that hobbyist is most familiar with. The next two Chapters, Chapter 5 "Fishes" and Chapter 6 "Chemistry" fill almost eighty pages. Not only does the Author describe what fishes most hobbyists will see in their local aquarium stores, he goes on to say which are or are not suited for the reef environment. As for chemistry, all the water conditions necessary to maintain life on the reef in nature which can be controlled in the aquarium are discussed. Chapter 7 "Technology" is devoted to some of the equipment which makes our hobby possible. As for Chapter 8 "Nutrition," it relates to what, and what not to feed our fishes. The book completes with two Appendix. One is dedicated to live rock, and the other to macroalgae.

The center of the book contains thirty two color photographs. A top-notch book for its price and a valuable addition to your library.

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