By Bob Goemans
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Coral Reefs & Islands

Authored by: William Gray

A book review by Bob Goemans

TITLE: Coral Reefs & Islands

AUTHOR: William Gray

PUBLISHER: David & Charles

ISBN: 0-7153-0077-6

PAGES: 192

PRICE: $29.95

Combined spectacular high quality color photographs of various Islands, reefs, invertebrate, various other animal life, with outstanding color and black and white sketches of fish, etc., and this becomes an elegant addition to your library shelf. Mr. Gray is to be commended for his well structured approach in bringing to the reader the importance of conservation when it comes to these delicate areas of our world. This is a book that the reef hobbyist will find hard to put down until every picture has been looked at, and every page has been read. Yet, it has nothing to do with aquariums, and/or the equipment/processes which keep our aquaria functioning. This book is all about just how extraordinary/complex natures Islands and reefs really are.

Chapter 1, "Coral Island Genesis," discusses the global distribution and formation of coral reefs. In fact, the maps of the many different coral reefs and Islands, and their currents is extremely well done and informative. Chapter 2, "Bare Sand To Thick Forest," entails how life colonizes these ever changing areas. Chapter 3, "The Living Reef," discusses the cycle of life and what one would experience on a round-the-clock "walk" both above and below sea level. Chapter 4, "Life Between The Tides" looks at particular areas of an Island and it's associated animals and organisms. "Island Worlds," Chapter 5, deals with the various bird life, both seasonal and year-round that many Islands support. Chapter 6, "Footprints In Paradise," details the impact of man, the importance of the reef, and what man can do to safeguard their future. This excellent work completes with a Glossary, Useful Addresses, Bibliography, and an Index that also denotes illustrations. All-in-all, a colorful and informative work and excellent addition to your or any aquarium society library.

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