By Bob Goemans
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Sea Anemones a hobby

Authored by: U. Erich Friese

A book review by Bob Goemans

TITLE: Sea Anemones a hobby

AUTHOR: U. Erich Friese

PUBLISHER: T.F.H. Publications

ISBN 0-86622-539-0

PAGES: 320

PRICE: $39.95

Anemones are extremely popular in this portion of the hobby, but the wide variety of these marine invertebrate are a challenge to identify. With well over 200 super quality color photographs besides a wealth of information on their history, biology, general characteristics, classification/subclasses, symbiotic partners, care in the aquarium, etc., "Sea Anemones a hobby" goes a very long way in fulfilling the vacuum in our understanding of these interesting animals.

Whether it is encrusting anemones, e.g., yellow polyps, anemone trees; Corallimorph anemones, e.g., mushroom/disc anemones(Actinodiscus and Rhodactis); tube anemones, plumed anemones, those troublesome brown Aiptasia anemones(see page 170), or even sea pens, you will find this book invaluable, especially for identifying the numerous species of sea anemones and related animals which turn-up in our aquaria. This is definitely a must for your book shelf!

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