By Bob Goemans
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Marine Fishes

Authored by: Scott W. Michael

A book review by Bob Goemans

TITLE: Marine Fishes

AUTHOR: Scott W. Michael

PUBLISHER: Microcosm Ltd. (1999)

ISBN 1-890087-38-6

PAGES: 448

PRICE: $24.95 (Softcover)

This pocketsize book provides up-to-date information in an easy to use format. All popular fish families, from angelfishes to wrasses are covered. In fact, over 500 species are discussed. Besides color photos of each species; maximum length, range, minimum aquarium size, foods and feeding, aquarium suitability, reef aquarium suitability, and captive care advice is provided.

This concise reference source provides professionals an easy to use tool for identifying, labeling, and providing accurate information to their customers. As an information source for the hobbyist, neophyte or advanced, it will serve as a means to select fishes for their aquariums. Especially helpful are the concisely written and the appropriate husbandry skills for each fish.

"A PocketExpert® Guide: Marine Fishes" is well written, informative, beautifully illustrated, and a quality publication. Another unsurpassed value from Microcosm Ltd., and a good value for the price. Get a copy, you'll be happy you did!

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