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Digital pH Meter

Manufactured by: Reef Fanatic

A product review by Bob Goemans

Product Review: Reef Fanatic Digital pH Meter

(Written in 2004)

When Reef Fanatic asked if I would be interested in checking out their new Digital pH Meter, I answered "of course" and then expected to see "a" Digital pH Meter! What showed up was far more than I expected!

Envision a large "Duel" digital readout pH "and" Temperature meter. A meter that comes complete with a pH probe "and" temperature probe, and also a 9V AC adapter. And if that wasn't enough, there's also two packages of calibrating solutions, one for the pH 4 set point and one for pH 7 set point.

I've had various brand digital meters for many years, and have either had to separately purchase the pH probe, an AC Adapter, or calibrating solutions, which just added to their initial price. And if I wanted digital pH and temperature readouts, I needed separate meters, simply adding to the cost of having these valuable parameters readily available.

Well, Reef Fanatic has seen the light so to speak and is now offering a duel pH and temperature meter. It requires nothing more than simply removing it from its attractive box, reading the supplied instructions, and calibrating the unit by pushing a few buttons directly on the face of the meter. No tiny hidden screws to tweak, no complicated up and down set points, and no batteries required! In fact, nothing extra is needed. And the base unit has two indented areas on its backside for hanging it on a slightly protruding screwhead, making it very convenient to locate anywhere near the aquarium.

As for the base unit, which by the way has a serial number on its backside, it has two large (0.56 inch) LED readouts for both pH and temperature. Its pH range is from 0 pH to 14 pH, with a resolution of 0.01 pH. And as for accuracy, pH is plus or minus 0.02 units. For temperature, the meter is available in a model that either reads Fahrenheit or Centigrade. Its temperature accuracy is plus or minus 1.0 degree Centigrade. For those requiring a 240V 9V Adapter, the unit will ship with this rated adapter if requested, instead of the 115V 9V Adapter.

I'm sure this product will interest many aquarists worldwide, and you can see it and many other great products by visiting the Reef Fanatic website at

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