By Bob Goemans
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Manufactured by: ECO-Aqualizer

A product review by Bob Goemans


(Written in 2002)

New products can be seen in every aquarium magazine issue, however, they are usually 'me-too' products or simply upgrades to existing products. Truly, it's a rarity when something totally different than anything existing comes to market. But this is the case with 'ECO-Aqualizer.'

In 1950 I had the first undergravel filter (UGF) in the United States and even though I thought it was a useful product, so-called experts did not. Over the past fifty years it proved itself as a useful tool in improving aquarium environmental conditions. Protein skimmers and trickle filters also added to our equipment arsenal and our wet pets benefited from the ever-forward move of 'technology.'

Now, another monumental 'first' has occurred with the coming of 'ECO-Aqualizer.' I'm sure some will say its nothing but 'smoke and mirrors' or a lot about nothing. But that could not be further from the truth! I say this because when first contacted and asked if I would like to test the device, I was stunned because its technology was similar to what I was involved with about five years ago. I went back to one of my original sources, which is connected with NASA, to discuss the device and its inner workings. What came back, totally without the knowledge of anyone connected with ECO-Aqualizer, was exactly how the device would perform and the results that could be expected. I was overjoyed to hear that because hobbyists would now have another major tool to help improve closed system environments.

In the CD book 'The New Wave' a book that Sam Gamble and I co-authored, we touch on the structure of water molecules and the dynamic influences of their electrical charges. To make a long story short, there's no question that nutrient rich and/or overly complex water molecules effect the quality of bulk water 'and' the transmission of a quality light spectrum. Early research proved that the hydrogen bonds of the water molecule could be loosened when the right amount of magnetic and photo (light) energy was applied to a passing stream of water. The results of several research efforts were astounding and in one test, nitrate was completely eliminated. Unfortunately, the practicality of accomplishing such feats was too involved at that time for hobbyist applications. Yet, what was gained furthered our 'new wave' philosophy.

Even though many people in the boiler trade have scoffed at using very powerful magnets to reduce the buildup of precipitants over the past few decades, I have personally seen successful adaptations of these 'magnetic' methods. And because of that, have had extremely powerful magnets on our home water lines for over ten years, which has prevented some of the calcium carbonate buildup in pipes, toilets and water heaters. And more importantly, from our past studies we know that water's hydrogen bonds can be manipulated with magnetism and when further tweaked with photons (light energy), the results can be quite fascinating. And, from those past experiments, I know light transmission is improved, and that alone can enhance the health of the environment and its inhabitants.

Now, to my pleasant surprise the porthole in aquarium space/time opens once again with new low cost and simplified technology to improved water quality. One that all aquarists, both hobbyists and professional aquarium keepers can easily take advantage of.

This totally separate undertaking began with a gentleman named Carl Denzer. As he puts it, an obsessive fanatic who has for the past nine years been tinkering with his tank, yet remained irritated with its results and the ineffectiveness of products and most importantly, frustrated with the short life spans of some animals. To his good fortune (and now hobbyists in general), a good friend twisted his arm to attend a National Technology Convention where he was introduced to some very interesting magnetic devices geared towards improving oxygenation of human blood circulation and bettering immune system maintenance. Skeptical at first, he investigated further and researched the theories behind the concepts.

His research led to 'discover studies' that were done on magnetic effects of water. Most of the research was focused on applications of magnetic effects on drinking water, but he was curious with the molecular dynamics and if associated health benefits could be transferred to his aquariums.

He began experimenting with his tanks, applying various magnetic fields to its water and monitoring the livestock. There were mixed results, but his passion drove him to continue the research and ultimately derived that both magnetism and light energy could be focused on the water molecule. This led to an important discovery, a fascinating technology developed by NASA called 'far infrared' that utilized a powder that emitted photons. But light (photons) transmitted through a ceramic powder? That sounded more like 'black magic' than what magnets accomplished, but he was intrigued. A little over a year later, after testing different transmitting materials, he found an acrylic tubing used by the medical industry which allowed for maximum transmittance of gamma and photon radiation and was able to combine the energies in one device.

After testing for another 6 months, he found the perfect combination of light energies, magnetic flux, and transmitting medium. He began making prototypes to experiment with and was provided a test market consisting of 60 consumer tanks through a friend's maintenance company. Their results, including the results from his tanks, were very positive. There was a reduced need for water changes, nitrate and ammonia levels were lower, protein skimming was enhanced, pH and ORP was improved along with dissolved oxygen (DO) rates, and most importantly there were lower mortality rates. A new and totally different aquarium product was about to be born and would be called the 'ECO-Aqualizer.'

The following maybe a little technical, but I thought it might be helpful to include a summary of some information provided by Carl. It may help disperse the 'black magic' aspect of the product and at the same time satisfy the 'techno' hungry hobbyist:

"ECO-Aqualizer serves many functions, but in simplicity it restores water reactivity. 'Reactivity' is the ability of water to undergo chemical change. This may sound bad to an aquarist especially when he or she is trying to limit fluctuations in the aquarium. Nevertheless, molecular interactions such as those that occur in the nitrogen cycle are essential for maintaining equilibrium in any ecosystem. With this in mind, aquarists should understand that water reactivity is directly affected by the extensiveness of hydrogen bonding between water molecules.

Here's a quick explanation of hydrogen bonding. - One water molecule is composed of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. Individual water molecules are connected together in an icosahedral cluster, held together by the attractive forces of the positive hydrogen of one water molecule and the slightly negative charge of oxygen of another. This is called a hydrogen bond.

In an aquarium environment, saturates such as food, nitrates and ammonia from waste, etc are continuously added to the aquarium. Water, being the universal solvent, will bond to these saturates increasing the extensiveness of the icosahedral clustering and as well the number of hydrogen bonds connecting together the cluster. Water becomes overcrowded so to speak, and as the distance between molecules decrease, the bond strength between water molecules and solute ions increase. This is what causes a reduction in the 'reactivity' of the water environment.

The increased hydrogen bonding decreases the number of molecular reactions that are essential in maintaining balance. Filters attempt to remove excess saturates, however, due to increased bonding and bond strength between water and solutes, which causes less molecular interactions, toxin removal becomes more difficult. Important molecular interactions such as those that dictate oxidation and reduction potentials are reduced, throwing the delicate balance of chemical interactions out of balance. Also, nutrient absorption from water becomes increasing difficult as reduced diffusivities caused by less active participation of water molecules inhibit diffusion of essential nutrients across cell membranes. Eventually, the addition of toxins exceed that of removal, and water changes become necessary.

ECO-Aqualizer reduces these hydrogen bonds through the use of magnetic fields and far infrared light waves.

MAGNETICS: Water is bi-polar, meaning it has a positive and negative charge. When passed through a magnetic field, the positive pole of our magnets attempt to realign the negative charge of the molecules and repel the positive charged molecules, and vice versa. This attempted realignment of charges and repelling causes breaking of hydrogen bonds. This reduces the extensiveness of hydrogen bonding in water, increasing water reactivity. The breaking of bonds is even more prevalent on the bonds entrapping toxins in 'solvent shells' because their bond strength is less than that between water molecules. Thus once neutralized solvents, such as chlorine, which once neutralized some of these toxins but became trapped in these solvent shells becomes active again, it can bond to harmful bacteria, naturally sterilizing water.

FAR INFRARED: Water absorbs a wide spectrum of light waves, particularly that of far infrared. When far infrared energy becomes absorbed by water, it has a vibrational effect on its hydrogen bonds. This vibrational effect causes a 'stretching' or 'bending' of hydrogen bonds and ultimately weakens and even breaks the molecule bonding depending on the extent of the vibration. The result further increases water reactivity. Also, the far infrared spectrum has been found to be very detrimental to certain strains of harmful bacteria, therefore providing a natural sterilization effect on water. This attribute has a direct link to both helping improve stress responses and enhancing immune responses of livestock.

With the combined effects of magnetic fields and far infrared, hydrogen bonding is significantly reduced, resulting in an increased reactivity of water. This creates a greater interaction of molecules and therefore a greater tendency for water to undergo essential chemical reactions. These natural energy reactions all help restore balance to water that was thrown into the realm of unbalance due to the mismatch of filter capability and saturate addition. Noticeably, users will see filters collect more waste, pH fluctuations will be reduced, ORP and DO levels increase, and nitrate and ammonia levels decrease. Tank water will regain natural equilibrium. Anyone can claim positive results, but the best judges of a resulting healthy balanced ecosystem when the ECO-Aqualizer is used are the fishes and corals, as their sustained health and increased activity will speak for the results claimed!

To summarize, the break-up of water clusters cause greater molecular interaction, which translates into water that is more reactive or livelier. This can be measured by higher ORP, energy potential (eV), and higher DO, and reduced water changes. In the end result, livestock will gain because there will be:

  • 1) easier diffusion of nutrients through cellular membranes
  • 2) reduced osmosis blockage
  • 3) increased efficiency of immune system functioning; and
  • 4) overall reduced stress.

In nature, there are many factors that naturally maintain water reactivity, e.g., the cycle of evaporation and condensation, absorption of far infrared rays from the sun, or even the ocean floor's own magnetic fields. These processes, however, have been lost in a captive aquarium environment. ECO-Aqualizer simply helps restore these lost natural forces.

A famous marine biologist once wrote in Aquarium Frontiers, "aging water gets rid of the gaseous stuff like chlorine!"

This is a true statement, and part of the reason how ECO-Aqualizer gets such results. We all do water changes to replenish aging water. But by doing so we have interrupted the cycle of a natural ecosystem. By adding new elements, e.g., phosphates, silicates, etc, the cycle must restart its program. It is important to replenish the chlorine because of its ability to be a natural sterilizer against nasty bacteria. But what if we could accomplish this naturally, such as with ECO-Aqualizer freeing-up chlorine that has been neutralized. Then, chlorine could do its job naturally and the balance of ecosystems could go on undisturbed. All molecule interactions would remain active in participation, resulting in reduced toxicity, but more importantly a more lively energy force to serve as the 'battery source' that all life depends on to properly function, especially in captivity."

ECO-Aqualizer is a small tube-shaped device that can be used on both freshwater and marine systems. As water flows through the tube, (you supply your own pump) the water's hydrogen bonds are manipulated with magnetism and then further manipulated with 'light' energy, thereby resulting in an effluent that contains an increased amount of oxygen. This resulting condition improves system redox, which is a very favorable result! There are no electrical connections, nor is there any on-going maintenance. Set it up and forget it. And, I've installed a test unit on a friend's aquarium. One, which I must say needed an improvement in its water quality. Within two weeks the system's water was much clearer and fishes appeared to be healthier and more lively.

And, ECO-Aqualizer has a very informative website that comes complete with a movie that shows how the device works. It's also a company that has a high degree of skill in both the business and science world. I'm already looking forward to their future products!

With a 180 day money back guarantee, you can't go wrong giving it a try! Meanwhile, I invite you to checkout their website at and send me your comments on this new and interesting device.

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