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Saltcorner Mission

Salt Corner is basically a nonprofit website dedicated to Marine Aquarist 'Enlightenment.' Even though some advertisement graces its pages, the 'extremely small fees' for space go solely to website expenses. Companies interested in advertising here should contact me for details.

This website is composed of several areas as denoted in the Menu Bar.

'Bio' may be of interest, as I've been in the hobby for over 60 years!

'Bob's Books' is dedicated to the booklets and books I've authored or co-authored. Each is fully explained and includes their Table of Contents.

'Reviews' is split into two sections. One is comprised of 'dozens' of book reviews that I've written over the past years with each showing a photo of the book's cover. The other half of this area provides various 'Product Reviews' of some of the leading aquarium products both past and present.

'Articles' provides just that, those written by many different and noted contributors, including myself on various subjects of interest to aquarists. It's a must see listing and it continues to grow in length as contributors add more articles.

'Q&A' is devoted to sharing questions and comments by readers, and my answers to those questions to help other readers with possibly similar problems. And to accelerate finding the information needed, the Q&A exchanges are linked to 'key words' to speed up finding those answers!

'Aquarium Library' is a MASSIVE section of this website as it contains 'thousands' (not ten or twenty, not a few hundred, but 'many' thousands) of fish, invertebrate and algae photos with almost all posted with their scientific names, common names, range, husbandry, etc. And to further make finding subject species of interest much faster, the entire library has been divided into subsections such as you will see when visiting this area. And I should note that in August/04 this website was honored when the scientists responsible for the world's latest 'official' Butterflyfish Taxon revision allowed its first posting to occur on this website! Again, a massive undertaking to bring forth what is no doubt the largest collection of marine species anywhere on the Internet for the interested aquarist or diver!

'Gallery' opens a vast collection of aquarist system photos, including my own, along with a history of the individual systems. And yours can be added if you wish.

'Links' opens a page dedicated to those aquarium product companies that support this website. Their banner and logos are also distributed throughout the many pages of this website and are all linked to their home website. These supporting companies are to be commended for supporting this website!

'Contact' opens a page where you can send me questions, items you would like to contribute and have posted on this website, of course with due credit, and/or discussion on how to make Salt Corner an even better website!

Furthermore, by clicking on any highlighted species or words, you'll be taken directly to its photo! Simply use a possible existing return arrow (not everything yet has this arrow) or your back one page arrow on your browser to return to where you were.

And in an effort to further broaden the availability of the information presented on this website to those not understanding English, translation software has been added to all pages/articles. I realize this software is still far from rendering accurate translations but at least it's a step in the right direction.

In closing I want to thank the following world renowned marine scientists and photographers for giving permission to reproduce their photos and articles on this site: Bob Fenner, John Randall, Martin A. Moe Jr., Matthew Mayo, Adrian Marsden, Alfredo Carvalho Filho, Daniel Gotshall, James Fatherree, Peter Wirtz, Richard Field, David Cook, Keiichi Matsuura, Robert Patzner, Vincent Hargreaves, Daniel Geiger, Andrea & Antonella Ferrari, Leslie Leddo, Keith Hiscock, Massimo Boyer, Massoud Abadi, Mary Jane Adams, Thierry T.C. Chan, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Julian Sprung, Stephen Kempf, Hans Bersch, Lance Ichinotsubo, Jim Stime Jr., Matt Clark, Chris Aslett, David Vaughan, Sam Gamble, Rob Toonen, Tristan Lougher, Shao Kwang-Tsao, Richard Harker, Charles Delbeek, Darryl Torckler, Zaid Fadul, John Clipperton, Johnny Jensen, Alf J. Nilsen, and James Gasta. They are to be commended for helping make this website one of the most educational aquarist websites in the world! Please note that all photos should be considered as being copyright protected, with the photographer holding the rights to the photos. Please contact them directly if interested in using their photos.

A 'Suitability Index' has also been placed into the Aquarium Library in response to a viewer request to save time searching for reef-safe species without looking through each of the many listed animals. Of course that term, reef-safe, is quite general and those having a 'suitable' icon must still be checked out carefully to fit one's needs. The developed icons will help speed up finding animals that can be considered suitable/unsuitable or invasive/pests for our aquariums.

Its 'Key to Symbols' has been placed at the end of all species lists, whether needed there or not at the present time. If future species additions require an icon, it can then be added as needed without reinstalling the code for this index. Keep in mind these icons are used only where species dictate a clear need for them. Consider this a work in progress.

And also, the addition of the book The LIVING Marine Aquarium Manual, containing about 300,000 words and over 1100 photos that actually depict what is discussed, is a FIRST in the hobby and its there for all to read for FREE and can also be read in many different languages!

Salt Corner is a 'vast' effort, designed to bring forth honest and valuable up-to-date information, all in a 'quality' format that will hopefully help all aquarists have healthier animals and long-term successful systems. Thank you for viewing and would appreciate your thoughts. Bob

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