By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Shawn College (Tampa, FL)

Shawn College (Tampa, FL) writes...


I bought read and thoroughly enjoyed your book "Protein Skimming and Carbon Secrets".

I am currently questioning the value of adding recirculating pumps to protein skimmers. Have you or others written any papers evaluated the value/efficiency added by recirculating pumps?

I have started a discussion thread on the topic here:

Thanks for your help,

Shawn College - Tampa, FL

Bob replies...

Hi Shawn,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but my wife had surgery last week.

High quality skimmers properly sized to the existing bio-load are not in the need of having their reaction chamber water re-circulated! Would less quality units' benefit or those improperly sized to the bioload? Possibly, - as their dwell time, bubble size and skimmer width/height may be inadequate. Nevertheless, the length of time for bubble-bombardment is then extended in these 'less' quality units, and to what degree this affects their (bubble) surface area/charge capability is not something quantifiable in my opinion. So guesswork will have to do, and there's one other factor to consider, - is someone making a profit from recommending and selling them!


Bob Goemans


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