By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Rodney Loker Fond du Lac (WI)

Rodney Loker Fond du Lac (WI) writes...

Hi Bob.

Although I'm a freshwater aquarium plant guy, I enjoyed your article on "Foam Aquascaping." I was wondering if you know if an alga eating fish such as a Pleco would be OK with a foam cave? Would they scrape the foam off?

Rodney Loker Fond du Lac, WI

Bob replies...

Hi Rodney,

Since the foam dries quite hard, I doubt the Pleco could remove any of it. Furthermore, its been used in ponds where Koi constantly nibble on alga-covered foam, and I'm not aware of the foam being loosened. And in marine aquariums, it seems to quickly be covered in coralline algae, and fish browsing on its surface do not seem to have any affect on the foam itself. And being truly non-toxic is another plus in its favor. Nevertheless, if you go this road, would appreciate some feedback.



Foam Aquascaping

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