By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Ulus Atasoy

Ulus Atasoy writes...

Hi Bob,

I'm re-setting up my 180-gallon reef tank and have read much of the information on your web site. I'm thinking of using the plenum system you describe in your 180-gallon tank. Would it be possible to obtain from you a list of the equipment you have underneath that tank? It's kind of hard to see what it is and how to set it up. Thanks in advance.


Ulus Atasoy

Dept of Surgery

University of Missouri-Columbia

Bob replies...

Dear Ulus

That's a 60-gallon under the aquarium on the left side. The plenum was located in that tank with the return pump sitting on an elevated eggcrate platform in one corner of that tank. On top of this little tank, there was an eggcrate shelf that held my Red Sea Ozonizer, and as you can see on the back of the tank center support, there were two PinPoint monitors, pH was 8.3 and ORP was 456. The outlets on the rear 'house' wall are duel sided; left side was powered by solar and wind energy; right side by the local electric company. This little plenum tank, unlighted, was a perfect place to raise different sponges. On the right side of this little tank was a small custom-made calcium reactor that sat in an aluminum-baking pan because its small pump was said to sometimes leak when it aged. In front of that unit was a Fluval canister filter where my activated carbon (ESV brand) and ROWAphos was kept. To the far right sat a Plexiglas chamber to hold RO/DI water to replenish evaporation, also made to size to fit the area by the person who made the calcium reactor (a long time personal friend). There was a little powerhead in this chamber connected to a Tunze level controller in the plenum tank. I would bring the freshwater in a 5-gallon pail and pump it with a submerged powerhead to the chamber to refill it when needed.

Hope this helps.



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