By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Rob Bower

Rob Bower writes...

Bob -

Your algae page on is a great help for those of use who love our reef tanks. I use it quite frequently to ID those items in my tank that I might not be sure about. I have come across some algae in my tank that is pretty aggressive and hard to keep under control. I was hoping I could get your help in identifying these two types. I have attached a photo each of the two types of algae I am unsure of. I was not able to positively ID them from the photos on your site. Hopefully given you expertise you can identify them and get back to me with a definitive answer. Also, if you know what they are and can also suggest some type of control for the algae I would be most appreciative. I anxiously await any answers you might have for me.

Cheers -

Rob Bower

Bob replies...

Hi Rob,

I usually throw away mail that is titled 'No Subject' as there's so much junk mail, that 99% is garbage. But just happen to open yours! If you contact me again, use my new address, ( to contact me.

First, if you're using any additive containing iron or iodine, stop using them, as they help promote algae, especially this red form.

And from the photos, especially the first photo, its posted on my site as Asparagopsis taxiformis. Almost impossible to get rid of once it starts, but stopping the use of trace elements will slow its growth. Nothing I know of will eat it, so you need to mechanically keep its growth a low as possible, or it will slowly overtake everything in the aquarium.

The second photo is not too clear, but maybe it's the same thing.




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