By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Trevor Davies

Trevor Davies writes...

Hi Bob,

After reading your article in Marine World August/September which was very informative. I have tried to trace the UK supplier of Boyd's Chemical Clean Products but all I get are the American Websites please can you reply with e-mail, telephone number, and postal address of the UK Stock list nearest Stockport Cheshire because I am very interested in obtaining this cleaning product for my Marine Tank?

On the websites I have seen it recommends to use a wooden airstone does this mean I turn off all of my filters/powerheads?

Also on the subject of Brown Sugar does it have to been a special variety of Brown Sugar e.g., Cane, Demera. Also as I do not l have a sump but an external filter can I still use this safely in my Tank?.

Many Thanks for your help and assistance

Trevor Davies

Bob replies...

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for your email and as for the Boyd product, asked the General Manager of their company for an answer as the availability of the product in the UK. He tells me its not yet available there, but hopes some company there will see the opportunity they are missing by not making Boyd products available in the UK and discuss the situation with them. Aquarists such as you would be the real winners if the products gain entry to the UK. Anyway, I understand he will contact you and send you some free products to try. Let me know how that goes and your thoughts about their products.

If you are referring to Chemi-Clean use, I have used it and have never turned any type of equipment off, or added airstones! One treatment always cleared up my cyano situations. FYI - Sometimes a made a small water change after its use, but other times did not. Never saw any problems from not making a water change.

Then, after its use, used the brown cane sugar as noted in my previous emails. And yes, it can be added directly to the aquarium. Don't over use the sugar, as a bacteria bloom can occur, however, it would not hurt anything, just cause somewhat cloudy water for a couple of days. One teaspoon per 100 gallon tank once a month is my thoughts on its use.

Hope this helps,




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