By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Bill Sweeney

Dear Bob,

I've been out of the hobby for several years. My goal is to set up a 180 gallon SPS tank in the future. It may be quite some time before I am able to afford it the way I would like to do it. Until then, I am contemplating setting up my existing 100 gallon as a fish only system. Is there a substantial benefit to using a plenum with a fish only system or is that a waste of time and resources?

I do need to purchase some equipment to get the FO system running. With the SPS 180 in mind for the future, would an Aerofoamer be a good purchase. I know you touted them highly in your 2006 review but were wondering if other skimmers may have passed them by in performance and price.

Thank you for your help.

Bill Sweeney

Hi Bill,

As to the Aerofoamer, I know the company owner has made some upgrades since that review, and from all information I have at this time, it continues to be an excellent product without any dissatisfied users. More I cannot say, and I was very happy with the one I had at that time.

FYI - I just posted on my website a product review of the Red Sea C-skim 1800. Also found it to be an excellent product. In fact, there are now many very good skimmers on the market, which makes selection a confusing process.

As you may know, I prefer the plenum to be in an interconnected tank, not in the same aquarium used for the display, whether fish-only or reef. That's simply because it's a 'filter' process, and needs to be monitored as explained in my past writings. However, if the fish-only system is to have few sand surface obstructions and the bed can easily be cared for, and the fish will not be overly stressed by monthly cleanings or burrow into it, than it could workout well in this tank.

Hope this is helpful,



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