By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Clémence Gueguen

Clémence Gueguen writes...

Hi Bob,

I am currently in a training period in a fishfarm in Mauritius. My training masters capture post-larvea of reef fish and crustaceans and we have currently gathered some Parhippolyte uveae shrimps. I have not found many informations about these shrimp, as I think its not a well-known species yet, and find they seem to like well lighted open areas. My shrimp are in with a few little fish, but see no cleaning activity. I think it a great shame these are not popular with hobbyists, as the three shrimps I have are very beautiful!

I would like to know if these shrimps would be interesting to hobbyists or if they could be considered a valuable species in reef aquariums, as are Lysmata species. My specimens have long and white antennae's, and wonder if they are cleaner shrimps too?

I hope my English were good and comprehensible!

Clémence Gueguen

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Bob replies...

Hi Clemence,

Thanks for your letter and as to what is often called the 'Sugar Cane Shrimp/Red Prawn' (Parhippolyte uveae), its also a very pretty species in my opinion and believe they would make a good species for marine hobbyist reef aquariums. I understand those imported from Hawaii prefer shade, and those from East Africa prefer highly illuminated areas, yet I've rarely seen them in the trade. As to their cleaning ability, do not have any information on this subject; yet doubt it very much, as those occasionally seen seem to have been very timid shrimp, usually hiding or preferring cave-like dwellings.

Keep me informed as to their behavior with your fish, as I would like to know if they exhibit a cleaning ability.

Again, thanks for your letter and good luck with your training.

Bob Goemans



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