By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Dennis Jugueta

Dennis Jugueta writes...

Hi Bob,

I recently purchased a clam from one of our local stores here in the Philippines and after about 3 weeks I noticed that inside its mantle there were a shrimp and a crab. They were almost transparent and most of the time they hide in the inner parts of the mantle (and therefore couldn't be seen when purchased). I am including some photos. Is this normal? I mean, for clams to have shrimps or crabs inside them? I have another clam (different species) but haven't seen any hitchhikers inside it yet.

Thank you in advance! You really are a great help to us hobbyists!

Dennis Jugueta

Bob replies...

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your email and no this is not a 'normal' thing, as I've never seen anything living in clams that I've had! But these hitchhikers will seek protection where possible, and possibly they were simply awaiting a better location in the wild. And thanks for the very good photos, as the shrimp is Periclimenes tosaensis, which is visible on my website. Not a problem for the clam, and as to the crab, not sure of its species, but doubt its bothering the clam as the clam itself looks quite healthy.



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