By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Ignatio Immanuel Tirtajasa

Ignatio Immanuel Tirtajasa writes...

Hi Bob,

I've purchased a 9" Scribbled Angelfish two weeks ago and am having trouble to get him to eat. The only thing that it likes is live mysis shrimp and chopped shrimp (in small amounts). I have tried chopped shrimp mixed with nori+squid and soaked with Selcon, but he ignored it mostly with only nibbling some for a few days. I put him in 220 gallon (water parameters is ok) with two 4" Regal Angels and four pygmy angelfishes. Sometimes I see him nip on the live rock, but I've seen him behave not normal/not actively searching for food as he swims left, then right and floats in the corner! He doesn't seem to fit in there, but he is still aware of my presence.

So what do you suggest? Should I take the Regals out in order for him to feel like the 'boss?'

Thanks for your advise,


Ignatio Immanuel Tirtajasa

Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia

Bob replies...

Hi Ignatio

As for your Scribbled Angelfish, suggest adding Vitamin B-12 to the diet, as that may increase its appetite. Once there is an appetite increase, it might become bold enough to mix with the other fish in the aquarium.

As to water quality, I always need the 'actual' parameters, as OK does not mean anything to me if I need to make judgment decisions.

Hope this helps,



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