By Bob Goemans
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Bob Goemans corresponds with Joe Glasgow (Birmingham, AL)

Joe Glasgow (Birmingham, AL) writes...

Mr. Goemans:

I've been reading your articles regarding plenum systems in FAMA for several years now and set up my first reef system almost 10 years ago following your advise (and I have to say its been quite successful!).

I'm in the process of setting up a FOWLR system with a display tank of 125 gallons and a 55 gallon tank underneath as a remote plenum. I believe I read in a recent issue of FAMA where you stated that you now believed a larger sand grand size of 2- 5 mm would be better than the standard special grade reef sand (CaribSea). Would the CaribSea crushed coral be a good size then? If so, that would be nice since its about 1/3 less expensive as their special grade reef sand. I assume the same depth of 4 inches would apply.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might give me regarding this question and especially thanks for your contributions to the hobby!

Joe Glasgow - Birmingham, AL

Bob replies...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your email and the crushed coral is a perfect substrate for plenums systems. And yes, the depth stays at four inches.




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