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John Li's Aquarium


Owners Name: John Li

Location: Pasadena, CA, USA

Year the tank was set up: 2003

Size and Volume of the Tank: 72" x 24" x 30" (L x H x W), 225 gallons

Sump Size: 100 gallons

Pounds of Live Rock: about 200 pounds

Type of Biological Filtration: Berlin/Refugium

Sand Type/Depth: 2.5" - fine sand


Main system pumps: Dolphin Aqua Sea 3000

Additional pumps: Dolphin Aqua Sea 3000

Monitoring Equipment: Neptune Systems AquaController II

Protein Skimmers: AquaC 400

Wavemakers: 4 Sea Swirls

Dosers: Reef-filler with occasional Kalkwasser powder added.

Chiller: Aqua Logic Delta Star Titanium Inline Water Chiller

Heater: 2 x 250W Ebo-Jager heaters

Refugium: Yes


Lamps: 3 x 10K 250W metal halide powered by PFO HQI ballasts; 4 x 96W 7100K Blue PowerCompact.

Photoperiod: 12 hours for actinics and 10 hours for MH.


Water Temperature: 80ºF +- 0.5

Specific Gravity: 1.025

PH: 7.9 - 8.2


Redox: 350

Nitrate: not measurable

Additives: None

Water Changes: Every 4 - 5 weeks/40 - 50 gallons

RO/DI water: Yes, both

Brand of Salt Mix: Tropic Marin


# Tangs: One each-Power Blue; Purple; Yellow; Tomini; Chevron; & Desjardinii

# Wrasses: One each-Scotts and Golden & two fairy wrasses

# Anthias: 6 various

# Misc.: 1 Blueface Angel; 1 Flame Hawk; 2 Golden Stripe Maroon Anemonefish; 1 Green Mandarinfish

# Many snails and hermit crabs, 4 Crocea clams, many SPS and LPS


Usually feed twice a day with variety of frozen food including some home made foods.


Clean algae using a magnet once every 2 - 3 days. Change filter bag and sponge once every 2 weeks. Clean up edge and bottom rarely. Monitor temp, ORP and pH continuously. Check salinity occasionally and calcium, nitrates and others rarely. No problem areas so far.


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