By Bob Goemans
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Wayne Shang's Reef Aquarium


Owners Name: Wayne Shang

Location: Fremont, California, USA

Year the tank was set up: 2002

Size and Volume of the Tank: 700 gallons

Sump Size: 200 gallons

Pounds of Live Rock: 600 pounds + 300 pounds in sump

Sand Type/Depth: CaribSea Special Grade - 3 inches

Type of Biological Filtration: Live rock and sand


Main system pumps: Two ATK 7500 (1950 GPH each)

Additional pumps: Two ATK 6560 (1600 GPH each) and Five Tunze Turbelle 2002

Reactors: Two Korallin 10002

Monitoring Equipment: Aquadyne Octopus Controller

Protein Skimmers: Sander Helgoland 300

Wavemakers: Wave Pro

Doser: Natural Cycles

Chiller: Teco RA-2000

Refugium: None

Denitrator: None

Trickle Filter: None


Lamps: Four 400W (1 - 400K0 and Two 1000W (10K) Metal Halides + Six 60W actinic.

Photoperiod:Metal Halide - 10 Hours, Actinic - 14 Hours


Water Temperature: Winter: 78 - 80 degrees F; Summer: 80 - 82 degrees F.

Specific Gravity: 1.024

PH: 8.0 - 8.2

Calcium: 500 ppm

Redox: 450

Alkalinity: 12 dKH

Nitrate: Undetectable

Nitrite: Undetectable

Ozone: None

Phosphate: Undetectable

Additives: None

RO/DI water: 6 stage unit

Brand of Salt Mix: Instant Ocean


Water Changes: 10% every 4 to 6 weeks (water from fish-only aquarium)


Fishes are fed once or twice a day with frozen mysis, krill or brine shrimp.

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