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Steve Weast's Aquarium

Note to viewers: Notice only the front panel of the aquarium itself is viewable in the living quarters of the home. The entire set-up is in a separate, adjacent "two-story room" and that the lighting equipment can be slid out of the way for servicing the interior portion of the aquarium.


Owners Name: Steve Weast

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Year the tank was set up: October 2003 (this tank replaced a 500 gallon reef that was 3 years old)

Size and Volume of the Tank: 850 gallons - 72"W x 30"H x 90"D

Sump Size: 150 gallons

Pounds of Live Rock: 1500 pounds

Type of Biological Filtration: Berlin - Live Rock and Skimming

Sand Type/Depth:1 inch of crushed coral in visible areas only (not under rocks)


Main system pumps: (2) Dolphin 4700's

Additional pumps:(4) sequence 23's on a closed loop with 28 distribution jets

Monitoring Equipment: Neptune Aquacontroller Pro

Protein Skimmers: (4) Precision Marine bullet 3's

Calcium Reactor: (2) Precision Marine CR622's

Nilsen reactor: Ecotech

Chiller: (2) 3/4 hp Aqua Logic

Heater: (2) 1000W Fire Plugs from Aquanetics

Refugium: 125 gallons


Lamps:(6) 400W 10K Ushios and (6) 400W 20 K metal halides Radiums on pulse start ballasts plus (6) 165W VHO actinic

Photoperiod:VHO's for 14 hrs and halides for 10 hrs


Water Temperature: 78°F

Specific Gravity: 1.026

PH: 8.3 - 8.5

Calcium:425 ppm

Redox: 400

Nitrate: 0 on LaMotte test kit

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Ozone: none

Phosphate: 0 on a Salifert test kit

Magnesium: 1300 ppm

Alkalinity: 12 dKH

Additives: none

Water Changes: 165 gallons once a month

RO/DI water: SpectraPure

Brand of Salt Mix: Kent Marine


Feeding is done with various frozen foods including mysis, squid, mussel, and plankton every other day while the anemones get fed shrimp or scallop twice a week. Nori is also fed to the fish twice a week.

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