By Bob Goemans
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Consider the fact that these aquariums actually revolve! They not only revolve, they change direction about every hour! The 300 gallon system is located in Mitch Gibbs Fishey Business Pet Store ( in Bowling Green KY. (The aluminum pole-like device on its left side is an automatic window cleaner that is being tested. It can clean the inside of the aquarium's acrylic surface without anyone being present! Once the distance the cleaner magnet has to travel is programmed, just slide the unit over to the aquarium, place the magnets in position, and plug it in. When you come home from work, the aquarium sides are cleaned!) The other, a 60 gallon seahorse system is located in his home. It's his favorite system, as water currents in the system keep food from settling and his seahorses just love the movement of the mysis shrimp when he feeds.


Site Supported in Part by: