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Owners Name: Donald Peterson

Location: Malibu, CA, USA

Year the tank was set up: Spring 2001

Size and Volume of the Tank:95"L x 30"W x 40" Tall, 'L' shape with porthole and bent front corner, 500 gallons

Sump Size:40"L x 22"W x 27" Tall

Pounds of Live Rock: 1200 lbs. Driftwood rock

Type of Biological Filtration: Standard wet/dry trickle filter

Sand Type/Depth: 3 inches crushed coral


Main system pumps:(filter circulation) 1/15 HP Koi/Spa pump, 2700 GPH

Additional pumps: (internal circulation) 1/8 HP Koi/Spa pump, 3700 GPH

Reactors: None

Protein Skimmer: ASM G2 venturi

Monitoring equipment: Digital temperature

Wavemaker: None

Doser: None

Chiller: 1/3 hp

Heaters: Dual 350W stainless steel heater probes


# 24 Blue Damsels

# 4 Percula Clownfish

# Lemon peel Angel

# Eblii Angel

# 6 PJ Cardinals

# 6 Royal Grammas

# Green Bird Wrasse

# 2 Long Horn Cowfish

# Naso Tang

# Koran Angel

# Imperator Angel

# Blue Face Angel


Lamps: Four 250W 5500K metal halide, two 40W 48" and two 24" 40W actinic

Photoperiod:As needed/non regular


Water Temperature:80ºF

Specific Gravity: 1.021

PH: 8.0

Nitrate: 60 ppm

Water Changes: 40 gallons every 2 weeks

Brand of Salt Mix: Real ocean water


Daily, mysis shrimp, formula brand frozen and flake foods


Clean algae, rotate corals, vacuum gravel, water and carbon changed every two weeks


Some excess algae and during summer months temperature rises up to 84 - 85ºF


Tank is presently being changed to a reef system and up-to-date photos will be supplied when finished.

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