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Owners Name: Lynne Laurita

Location: Tarzana, California, USA

Year the tank was set up: 1995

Size and Volume of the Tank: 84"L x 24"H x 20"W - 180 Gallons

Sump Size: 20 Gallons

Pounds of Live Rock: 200 Pounds

Sand Type/Depth: Bare Bottom in main system

Type of Biological Filtration: Live rock with deep sand bed in refugium


Main system pumps: Dolphin 5600 circulation pump + Gorman Rupp 520

Additional pumps: A Danner Supreme Mag 24 (2400 GPH) runs the Protein Skimmer and Rio 90 for the feed line to the Calcium Reactor. A Rio Hyperflow 12 feeds water to the refugium.

Reactor: MKR Calcium Reactor using CaribSea ARM

Protein Skimmers: Aqua C EV-400

Monitoring Equipment: Milwaukee Instruments pH Controller

Wavemakers: none, however, there are 2 rotating spray bars mounted on the top of the aquarium to create a circular or non-linear water movement.

Dosers: none

Chiller: West Coast Aquatics Slimline 1.5 HP

Refugium: 50 gallon tank, 5 inches of CaribSea Aragamax sand (.5 to 1.0mm) and various macroalgaes.

Denitrator: None


Lamps: Three 250W 12K MH (Sunburst), four 6' URI VHO lamps, 160 Watts each

Photoperiod: 250W lamps on for 10 hours, and 160W lamps on for 11 hours - all lamps replaced every 12 months - lamps are 3 inches above water surface. Plexiglas covers are used above the openings in the aquarium to prevent bulb loss due to water splash.


Water Temperature: 76 - 79°F

Specific Gravity: 1.024 to 1.025

pH: 8.0 - 8.3

Calcium:440 - 450 ppm

Redox: Not tested

Alkalinity: 8 to 11 dKH

Nitrate: <1.0 ppm

Additives: None

Water Changes: 10% once per month RO

RO/DI water: RO - yes, DI - no

Brand of Salt Mix: Instant Ocean


Fish feeding occurs once daily with either Ocean Nutrition Formula I, Special Formula VHP or Angel Formula and Spectrum. The corals are fed a variety of foods including Golden Pearls, BioPlankton and SpectraVital once or twice weekly


Tank surfaces cleaned once weekly, floss pad in overflow box changed once weekly, protein skimmer cleaned once weekly, tank bottom siphoned once monthly, phosphate media changed once monthly. Water parameter testing is done once monthly for alkalinity and nitrates and only occasionally for calcium


FISH: Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Royal Gramma Basslet, Lantern Basslet, Swalesi Basslet, 2 Tank-raised Ocellaris Percula Clowns, Fridmani Pseudochromis, McCullochi Pseudochromis, Twelve-line wrasse, Hawaiian Christmas Wrasse, 2 Green Chromis Damselfish, Masuda's Hogfish

CORALS/INVERTEBRATES: Various assorted Acoropora, 2 Purple Montipora Digitata, Cup Coral, Candy Cane Coral (Caulestrea Species), Hydonphora, Euphyllia Parancora, Pom Pom Xenia, Xenia Elongata, Red Sea Xenia, Starburst Polyps, Clove Polyps, assorted Mushroom Anemones, various Sarcophyton species, various Sinularia species, Colt Coral (Scleractinia species), various Zooanthids, 3 Tridacna Maxima Clams, 7 Lg. Cleaner Shrimp, 2 Banded Coral Shrimp, 1 Peppermint Shrimp, 6 Emerald Crabs, numerous Hermit Crabs, 50 Astrea Snails, 2 Serpent Starfish


A recent outbreak of hair algae after massive die off of various Sinularia species resulting from the use of KICK ICH. Also flatworms continue to be a problem but tend to be controllable

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