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Owners Name: Gary McMillan

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Year the tank was set up: Spring of 2001 - 176 gallon Fish-only "bent" corner tank

Size and Volume of the Tank: 67" L x 30" W x 20" H and front left corner has a 4 inch radiuses corner

Sump Size: 30 gallons

Pounds of Rock: 200 lbs. Driftwood rock

Type of Biological Filtration: Custom dimensioned wet-dry bio ball sump

Sand Type/Depth: 5 inches of small grain calcareous sand


Main system pumps: Sedra 5000

Additional pumps: Two Fluval 403 canister filters

Reactors: None

Protein Skimmers: Euro-Reef CS6-2

Chiller: 1/4 HP

Heater: EboJager 300W


# 6 Blue Damsels

# 4 Percula Clowns

# 6 Royal Grammas

# 3 Blue Tang

# 6 PJ Cardinalfish

# Lemon Peel Angel

# Coral Beauty Angel

# Flame Angel

# Flameback Angel

# Koran Angel

# Imperator Angel


Lamps: Four 24" 20W SunDay Fluorescent lamps

Photoperiod: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Water Temperature: 76 - 79ºF

Specific Gravity: 1.021

PH: 8.0

Alkalinity: 7 dKH

Nitrate: 40+ ppm

Water Changes: 20 gallons every 2 weeks

Additives: None

Brand of Salt Mix: Real ocean water


Frozen fish Gumdrops fed daily


Every 2 weeks - algae and protein skimmer cleaned and decorative corals rotated and cleaned if needed. Every 4 weeks - clean canister filter sponge and change carbon


Tank is very successful and due to regular maintenance runs problem free


Tank was custom made to fit into an existing cabinet. Bent corner was designed to create a soft corner to a high traffic area and to minimize the visual flow. Marble edging match's marble counters with the kitchen area

Designed by Jim Stime,

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