By Bob Goemans
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Note to viewers: When you look at Herbert's aquarium, keep in mind all the species seen were collected by him in his local area! WOW, imagine that! Going out in the backyard so to speak and collecting your own live rock, corals, invertebrate and fish! - Bob


Owners Name: Hiew Tet Piau (Herbert)

Location: Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia

Year the tank was set up: 2003

Size and Volume of the Tank: 8' L x 4'W x 2.5'H Volume: 2500L

Sump Size: Two 200L sumps

Pounds of Live Rock: 200 - 250 kg

Type of Biological Filtration: Berlin system

Sand Type/Depth:2" Coral/Aragonite mix


Main system pumps: 1 Iwaki 1200GPH; 1 Little Giant 1200GPH; 2 Eheim 900GPH

Additional pumps: 9 Eheim 600GPH

Monitoring Equipment: Aqua Medic ORP meter for Nitrate Reactor; IKS

Protein Skimmers: 1 Aqua Medic 5000shorty; 1 Red Sea Berlin Classic; H&S 2200

Wavemakers: 2 Tunze Stream pumps controlled 24000L/hrs

Dosers: IKS

Chiller: Aqua Medic Titan 2000

Denitrator: Aqua Medic 5000

Refugium: None

Trickle Filter: Yes


Lamps: Four 250W Aqua Medic 10K; Two 250W Iwasaki 6500K; Two 400W Radium 20K; Aqua Medic Moonlight

Photoperiod: Two 20K for 10 hours; Six 250W for 7 hours


Water Temperature: 24 - 25°C (76 - 78°F)

Specific Gravity: 1.024 - 1.025

pH: 8.1 - 8.2

Calcium:375 ppm

Redox: 340

Alkalinity: 3.66 meq/l

Nitrate: < 2.5ppm

Nitrite: 0

Ozone: None

Phosphate: 0

Additives: Marc Weiss Reef Vital DNA

Water Changes: 10 Liters per day (automated with SpectraPure Equipment)

RO/DI water: SpectraPure 5-stage RO/DI

Brand of Salt Mix: Kent Marine


H&S Marine Deluxe; Marc Weiss SpectraVital and Black Powder

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