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Owners Name: Gary Dietschler

Location: Woodland Hills CA, USA

Year the tank was set up: Summer 1996

Size and Volume of the Tank:240 gallons, 60" Long x 24" Wide x 40" Tall, 1" Acrylic

Sump Size:Commercial Bio-Wheel

Decoration: Custom made reef sculpture with coral branch inserts

Type of Biological Filtration: Commercial Bio-Wheel

Sand Type/Depth:Minimal - crushed coral


Main system pumps: Iwaki 40 RLT

Additional pumps: Iwaki 100 RLT

Protein Skimmer: Sanders 450 venturi operated

Wavemaker: None

Doser: None

Chiller: 1/3 HP

UV Sterilizer: Disabled

Refugium: None

Denitrator: None

Heaters: One 300W Won


Lamps: Four 40W standard fluorescent

Photoperiod:4:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Water Temperature: 74 - 76ºF

Specific Gravity: 1.021

PH: 8.0

Nitrate: 50+ ppm

Water Changes: 20 gal./ week

Brand of Salt Mix: REAL OCEAN WATER


Daily feedings of frozen Mysis shrimp and various Ocean Nutrition frozen foods


Clean algae, clean and rotate artificial corals, and water changes every week


A very stable system.


Other than a recently added 6 inch Clown/Regal Tang, the Clown Triggerfish, Harlequin Tusk, Koran Angel, Spanish Hogfish, Powder Blue Tang and Heniochus Butterfly are all over 8 inches in length and have grown to these sizes in the tank.

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