By Bob Goemans
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Have you ever considered using artificial coral reef decor in your aquarium? If not, you should, as maintaining artificial reef systems is much easier and less time-consuming. Just a simple jet of water or hand-brushing will keep the fabricated decor clean. Furthermore, the assortment of fishes in an artificial environment can be far greater as there is no danger to living corals. And many artificial environments look quite real. Please view some of the possibilities shown in these photos provided by Living Color Enterprises. They design and fabricate their own acrylic tanks and coordinated cabinetry along with life support systems and a great variety of gorgeous artificial coral and invertebrate decor for both commercial and private customers. And you can either do-it-yourself with their "Plug & Play" components or have them design, set up, and maintain your next "extraordinary" marine system. Visit their website for more information. Both you and Mother Nature will be impressed!­


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