By Bob Goemans
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Note to viewers: Have known Tom for several years and he has the best growth of coralline algae that I've ever seen in a hobbyist tank! In fact, he say's it's a nuisance at times! And his fish, especially his Potters Angel (a difficult species to maintain long term) is the healthiest I've ever seen in a fairly small closed system! His non-technical reef system is his personal joy and a wonderful example of what can be accomplished without going high tech!


Name: Tom Christou

Location: Gillette NJ, USA

Set up: January 2004

Tank size: 55 gallon

Sump: 10 gallon

Sand: Aragonite Mix/1" deep


Pump: Mag 9.5/in sump

Pump: Maxi Jet 1200/inside tank

Skimmer: Remora Pro

Wavemaker: none

Doser: none

Chiller: none

UV Sterilizer: none

Refugium: none

Denitrator: Nitrix

Heater: 250 watt


True Percula's Pair

Potters angel

Bi-color angel

Manderin green

Cleaner shrimp

Linckia blue

Cucumbers - Tiger tails 3 (was one, now divided itself into three)


4 Fluorescent lamps: 46 1/2" URI 110 watt/660 Ice cap

Photoperiod: 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM


Water temp: 78 - 82 depending on the time of year

Specific Gravity: 1.025

PH: 8.0 - 8.25

Nitrate: .08 - .12 PPM

Water change: 10 gallons a month

Salt: Instant Ocean


Twice a day/frozen blood worms , brine shrimp, Pygmy angel formula, Formula 1&2 , mysis and flake.


Clean glass once a week

Clean and inspect skimmer once a month


None - system stable thanks to Bob Goemans


Transferred sand, live rock and live stock from a 40 gallon reef (previously shown on this website) on January 2004 to the 55 gallon reef w/built in over flow. Mag 9.5 pump drives the Remora Pro and return water from sump. Utilize a Two-part additive to balance water chemistry.

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