By Bob Goemans
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What Price Profit?

by Bob Goemans

Book Description:

This is my first ‘fiction’ book! Follow the adventure as a plucky young environmental reporter and a reclusive environmental crusader form a dynamic duo to rectify adverse ‘green’ circumstances brought about by corporate greed and/or negligence, especially that of an ancient enemy newly reawakened by an alliance between a coal mining company and a government controlled missile-making factory.

In fact, prior to retiring as the Environmental Contracting Manager for one of the worlds largest corporations, I actually wrote the contractual terms and conditions, then awarded and administered a soil-cleaning contract loosely referred to herein that could have possibly begun new life forms never before seen on this planet. Said project was eventually canceled by U.S. Air Force to prevent such an occurrence.

If you like environmental thrillers, you will find ‘What Price Profit’ difficult to put down until you have finished reading it!

Table Of Contents:

Kindle format

412 pages (estimated)


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