By Bob Goemans
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The Marine Fish Health & Feeding Handbook

by Bob Goemans & Lance Ichinotsubo

Book Description:

This book brings forth and discusses all aspects necessary for maintaining healthy aquarium fishes! It also discusses a chemical compound that is 'extremely' effective on maladies such as Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon irrtans); Velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum); and, Clownfish disease (Brooklynella). It appears this compound, Chloroquine phosphate, if used properly as discussed, can also safely treat animals that are in reef aquaria without harming the systems nitrification bacteria, something copper treatments cannot accomplish! Go to from reviews of this book.

Table Of Contents:


Foreword by Martin A. Moe Jr.


PART 1 - The Healthy Marine Aquarium

Chapter 1: Secrets of Helping Fish Thrive

Chapter 2: Water: The Font of Good Health

Chapter 3: Acquiring & Acclimating Fishes

PART 2 – Foods & Feeding

Chapter 4: The Well-Fed Aquarium

Chapter 5: Fish Foods & Feeding

PART 3 – Diseases & Conditions

Chapter 6: You’re the Vet

Chapter 7: First Lines of Defense

Chapter 8: Parasitic Infestations

Chapter 9: Bacteria, Fungal Diseases, & Viruses

Chapter 10: Non-Pathogenic Diseases



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