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Bob Goemans' Biography

I have been in the aquarium hobby for over sixty years and was born and raised in Queens, New York where as a young child began with freshwater aquariums. My first marine aquarium was in 1956. At an early age I was a member of the Jamaica Aquarium Society and became the first person in the United States to own an undergravel filter (UGF), then called the 'French Invisible Filter.' I've maintained at least one aquarium for the majority of my years in this hobby and have collected specimens for past aquariums from the South China Sea to the Caribbean.

At one time in the past had written for Marine Fish Monthly for over fourteen years and may have had the world's longest running marine column as I had written 178 straight monthly articles for that publication without missing one issue! Unfortunately, that magazine ceased publication due to the editor's poor health. And for the last couple of decades had a monthly column and various articles in Freshwater Aquariums and Marine Aquariums (FAMA), which was incorporated into Aquarium Fish International (AFI) several years ago and which has now sadly ceased its operations in Oct/2012. Have also written for Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) for at least two decades, and for UK magazines, e.g., Marine World, Practical Fishkeeping, and currently Marine Habitat, a bimonthly publication.

I'm retired from a subsidiary of General Motors where my title was 'Environmental Contracting Manager.' Besides numerous writing endeavors, I have aquarium and environmental consulting businesses and have also provided question and answer sessions at new Store Openings, spoken to aquarium societies worldwide, and even appeared in a TV hobby show for an ABC station in my home town of Tucson, Arizona. Have also provided many question and answer sessions for local school children and other interested aquarists at my home or in their schools.

I have never been an employee of any aquarium product company and have no allegiance to any aquarium product company. Nor do I sell aquarium products. I consider myself a truly independent voice with nothing to gain but satisfaction in helping fellow aquarists. My Doctorate is in Business Management.

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