By Bob Goemans
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Breeding Anemonefish

Authored by: Bob Bittner

Every once and awhile I (Bob Goemans) come across a dedicated aquarist who has perfected the reproduction of clownfish! In this case, his name Bob Bittner, who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. I must say, he has dotted his ‘i’s’ and crossed his ‘t’s’ when it comes to breeding and rearing exceptionally colorful clownfish. And where their nutrition is concerned, a key in this aspect, I was highly impressed with the quality of foodstuffs used to take his stock through various levels of growth. His small holding facility (part of his home) is lined on both sides with holding tanks, and another side with food culture tanks and will soon grow in size to encompass another space in his home. Even though he is only a wholesaler of the fry, he is willing to field hobbyist questions, and highly recommend contacting him with any questions about breeding and raising clownfish at ‘’ and title your questions, Clownfish Questions.


Bob Bittner’s expertise has grown over the past couple of years and is now breeding, with much success, various species of Clownfishes and Sea Horses and the very desirable Orchid Dottyback. Visit his website at or continue to contact him personally with your questions at - Bob Goemans

Update 2011

Visited with Bob B in the fall of 2011 and his collection of various captive-bred species continues to expand, which now includes almost all of the latest clownfish morphs, dottybacks, and sea horses, with overall numbers now totaling almost 5000 specimens! He has also developed a special nutritional product called ‘Reef Stew,’ which he sells to local stops and who, after visiting some of these shops, say its the perfect live food for almost all fishes and invertebrates.Visit and check it out, and if having questions, contact him at the email address given above.

Bob G.

Checkout the attached photos of him and his tanks.

Baby seahorses

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