By Bob Goemans
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Dottybacks – Choose Carefully!

Authored by: Bob Goemans

These fishes mostly come from the Indo-Pacific Ocean, Red Sea and Western Pacific, and belong in the Order Perciformes, Suborder Percoidei and the Family Pseudochromidae, which contains 20 genera having about 120+ species. There also appears to be three new genera in the Subfamily Pseudochrominae: Manonichthys; Oxycercichthys; and, Pholidochromis, however, they have yet to be scientifically accepted.

Its Subfamily Pseudochrominae has the most species, about 60, which are ideally suited for ‘some’ home aquariums because... For the rest of this article including its photos, which was written for TFH and printed in their November 2009 issue Click Here

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