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Species Name: Chaetodontoplus duboulayi

Authority: (Gunher, 1876)

Common Name: Scribbled Angelfish

Range: Western Pacific Ocean: Western Australia, southern New Guinea and the Ary Islands

Size: 10 inches - 25 cm

Natural Environment: Inhabits coastal and inner reefs and collected at 15 to 70 depths (5 - 20 m)

General Husbandry: Prefer a temperature of 72 - 82°F (22 - 28°C). Natural diet consists mainly of crustaceans, coral polyps, algae, sponges, and tunicates. Need a varied diet and numerous feeding per day. Becomes aggressive with age, however, usually a good aquarium fish. Males have a white patch behind the eye.

Aquarium Suitability: Needs lots of swimming room, good hiding places, and non-aggressive tankmates.

Note: Captive bred species - yet ‘not’ widely available

Scribbled Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) Photo Credit:Bob Fenner

Photo Credit: Bob Fenner

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