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Species Name: Centropyge tibicen

Authority: (Cuvier, 1831)

Common Name: Keyhole Angelfish

Range: Western Pacific Ocean: Japan to Australia and the Solomon Islands to New Caledonia

Size: 7 inches – 17 cm

Natural Environment: Inhabits shallow lagoons from 10 to 100 feet deep (3 – 30 m)

General Husbandry: Prefer a temperature of 72 - 82°F (22 – 28°C) and natural diet consists mainly of algae. In fact, need large amounts of plant matter in their diet. Yet accepts a wide variety of foods including fortified brine shrimp, mysis, and flake food (especially Spirulina). Needs numerous feeding per day. Not compatible with other members of the same family.

Aquarium Suitability: May nip corals and other sessile invertebrates.

Keyhole Angelfish (Centropyge tibicen) Photo Credit:Bob Fenner

Photo Credit: Bob Fenner

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