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Species Name: Centropyge flavissima

Authority: (Cuvier, 1831)

Common Name: Lemonpeel Angelfish

Range: Indo-Pacific Ocean: Great Barrier Reef, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoan, Marshall Islands

Size: 5.5 inches - 14 cm

Natural Environment: Inhabit sheltered lagoon areas at shallow depths

General Husbandry: 28°C) and natural diet consists mainly of algae, yet accepts a wide variety of foods in the aquarium including fortified brine shrimp, mysis, and flake food (especially Spirulina). Needs numerous feeding per day. Not safe in the reef aquarium as they nip corals and other sessile invertebrates, including Tridacna clams. Will consume filamentous algae. Sometimes confused with C. heraldi. The true Lemonpeel has a blue outline around the eyes and C. heraldi does not.

Aquarium Suitability: Very hardy and needs much algae in its diet. Will bully smaller and less aggressive tankmates. Prefers warmer temperatures than other family members.

Potential Controller Of:
Derbesia marina
Derbesia species 2
Derbesia species 1
Boodlea species
Oscillatoria sp. 2
Oscillatoria sp. 1
Diatoms Stringy Growth
Diatom Coating
Ulva rigida (Sea Lettuce)
Ulva lactuca
Enteromorpha prolifera
Enteromorpha linza
Enteromorpha intestinalis
Enteromorpha compressa

Lemonpeel Angelfish (Centropyge flavissima  ) Photo Credit:Bob Goemans

Photo Credit: Bob Goemans

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