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Species Name: Centropyge bicolor  

Authority: (Bloch, 1787)

Common Name: Bicolor, Blue and Gold, Pacific Rock Beauty Angelfish 

Range: Western Pacific including the Great Barrier Reef

Size: 6 inches - 15 cm

Natural Environment: Inhabits coral and bottom shell rubble areas and found in small groups from a few feet to 50 feet (1 – 15 m) in depth

General Husbandry: Only small juveniles should be selected for the fish-only aquarium, as they are more apt to accept a wide variety of foodstuffs. Otherwise, larger specimens will only feed somewhat on algae, yet prefer tunicates, sponges, worms, and corals. They prefer a temperature of 73 - 82°F (23 – 28°C). Unfortunately most are cyanide caught and do not last long in captivity. May nip mantles of clams and some large polyp corals. Needs numerous hiding places/caves.

Aquarium Suitability: Suitable for fish-only aquariums only.

Bicolor, Blue and Gold, Pacific Rock Beauty Angelfish  (Centropyge bicolor  ) Photo Credit:John Randall

Photo Credit: John Randall

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