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Phylum Gnathostomulida

Gnathostomulida sp.

Jaw Worms

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Note: These very tiny crawling worms, sometimes called 'Jaw Worms’ are mostly less than a millimeter in length and live in mud and sand. They are a member of the meiofauna found in healthy substrates/sandbeds. Their body is covered in cilia and their mouth area has jaws that proceed the entry into the gut. They feed upon bacteria, fungi, and tiny algae cells. Those that live in anaerobic areas are believed to get their oxygen from nitrite and nitrate. A valuable addition to all sandbed aquariums.

 Gnathostomulida sp. (Jaw Worms)
Photo © Matthew Hooge
Gastrotricha sp. Kinorhyncha sp.
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