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Family Clavelinidae

Clavelina moluccensis

(Sluiter, 1904)

Blue Sea Squirt

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Range: Western Pacific Ocean: Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia

Natural Environment: Inhabits hard substrates, usually under overhangs

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 72 to 83°F (22 - 28°C). Extremely attractive, however, rarely shows up in the trade. Requires special attention to their feeding requirements. For those that want to maintain them in aquaria, these creatures require numerous feedings per day of live and/or preserved commercial phytoplankton products or that of animal and plant powders that produce suspended products in the bulk water and/or bacteria laden waters. Probably better left in the wild as its difficult to maintain and short-lived.

 Clavelina moluccensis (Blue Sea Squirt)
Photo © Bob Fenner
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