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Family Agelasidae

Agelas schmidti

(Wilson, 1902)

Brown Tubular Sponge

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Range: Western Atlantic Ocean: Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

Natural Environment: Inhabits reef slope areas where current is swift.

Aquarium Suitability: Not collected for the home aquarium trade.

Best left in the wild.

Note: For a photo of this sponge, visit the Marine Invertebrates And Plants of the Living Reef, page 61.


    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Porifera

    Class: Demospongiae

    Subclass: Heteroscleomorpha

    Order: Caenogastropoda

    Family: Agelasida

    Genus: Agelas

FYI: Feeds by drawing water in and through its pores and filtering out bacteria and organic particles, then expelling the filtered water out through the osculi.

Has embedded chemicals to prevent tissue loss to predators.

Has tannish leathery, columnar/clumpish growth.

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