By Bob Goemans
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Family Stichopodidae

Stichopus parvimensis

Clark, 1913

Prickly Cucumber

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Range: Eastern Pacific Ocean: Southern California

Natural Environment: Inhabits current swept sandy and rocky bottom areas

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 59 to 75°F (15 - 24°C). A cool water species and not suited for tropical reef aquariums. Feeds on detritus and organic matter that is sifted from the substrate.

Note: Members in this family are also good detritus scavengers, however, if very stressed, they have the ability to "melt" becoming totally limp and eventually disintegrating. Yet, they also have the ability to make surprising comebacks from what looks like sure death.

 Stichopus parvimensis (Prickly Cucumber)
Photo © Bob Goemans
Stichopus naso Stichopus regalis
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