By Bob Goemans
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Tubastrea micrantha

Ehrenberg, 1834

Black Cup/Black Tube Coral

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Range: Indo-Pacific Ocean/Red Sea

Natural Environment: Found growing on coral skeletons in fore reef surf zones

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 74 to 83°F (23 - 28°C). To maintain it should be hand fed small pieces of fresh fish flesh, clam, shrimp, or fortified adult live brine shrimp. To get the polyps open during the day for feeding, I suggest placing some defrosted mysis shrimp in the aquarium. Prefers moderate to swift water movement and should be located in an indirect light areas/cave areas. Rarely seen in the trade.

 Tubastrea micrantha (Black Cup/Black Tube Coral)
Photo © James Fatherree
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