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Montipora capricornis

Veron, 1985

Cup/Plate/Whorl/Bowl Coral

Likely Reef Tank Suitable

Range: Western Pacific Ocean including the Great Barrier Reef

Natural Environment: Mostly lagoons

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 74 to 83°F (23 - 28°C) and an encrusting growth form, sometimes taking a bowl-shape and/or whorl-shape. Usually a uniform purple, brown or blue. This species is sometimes bothered by a tiny Nudibranch, (Aeolid spp.) which starts feeding at the bottom of the specimen. Once the bottom tissue is removed they start moving towards the upper regions. A freshwater bath of the same pH and temperature for about 30 - 45 seconds will destroy all the pests. A repeat bath should happen in about ten days so any hatching eggs are also destroyed. Sometimes these pests are only seen at night. Requires strong lighting and fairly good water movement, however, is adaptable to lower light conditions.

 Montipora capricornis (Cup/Plate/Whorl/Bowl Coral)
Photo © Tracy Gray
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