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Species Name: Sinularia flexibilis

Authority: Quoy & Gaimard, 1833

Common Name: Flexible Leather Coral

Range: Widespread throughout the Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific

Natural Environment: This photosynthetic soft coral with long flowing lobes is often found in a variety of different environmental areas, however, most often inhabiting fairly shallow areas where somewhat strong currents exist. It is often found in large colonies and may dominate entire areas. Reproduction is usually by asexual means, with the most common form, fission, with lobes dropping off and beginning new colonies. The most common colors are various shades of cream, tan, green, or gray.

General Husbandry: Has a temperature range of 68 to 83°F (20 - 28°C) and is slimy to the touch. This is a readily available hardy soft coral, both in the wild and in the trade. ... For the rest of this information, which was included in a short article for TFH and printed in their April 2010 issue Click Here

Flexible Leather Coral (Sinularia flexibilis) Photo Credit:Bob Fenner

Photo Credit: Bob Fenner

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